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An Exceptional Check-up Itinerary

Because everybody is unique, a check-up at Monaco Princess Grace Check-up is not just a series of impersonal examinations, but a unique itinerary, designed to ensure optimal conditions of comfort and confidentiality, at every stage of the procedure.

1. A personalized preliminary contact, which begins with the analysis of a systematic medical questionnaire completed by yourself and/or a preliminary consultation. It allows to obtain important information on your personal and family medical histories, your risk factors, symptoms and current treatment, but also your diet and culinary tastes. The Doctor, head of department, will be your unique interlocutor. He will plan a taylor-made check-up with a relevant biological assessment, imaging and consultations.

2. The assistant will send you the invoice estimation according to the list of tests / consultations recommended for your check-up. She will organize, further to your agreement, your check-up and she will help you with all administrative formalities and organizational support: transport, transfer, accommodation …

3. We welcome you generally at 7.30 for the day. The check-up associates the medical expertise and a 5 stars reception. Your stay is organized, in complete safety, in a 70 m² suite top of the range. The team offers you a VIP welcome, a well-being and a high-quality comfort.

4. The nurse will begin by performing the preliminary procedures (weight and height measurement, blood sample, urine sample, blood pressure, electrocardiogram and collect of medical informations) in your suite

5. The examinations themselves will then begin : the nurse or the auxiliary nurse accompany you to the consultations (head doctors of the different specialities) and technical falicities (ultra-sound, MRI, diagnostic and interventional scanner, PET scan, treadmill stress test …).

6. The breakfast and the lunch are prepared according to your choices among our suggestions. They are served depending on the schedule of the examinations (some of them needing to be fasting).

7.  Dietetic is considered as an important aspect of the check-up. You will have a consultation, personalized recommendations and the possibility of a later follow-up.

8. Depending on the schedule, you may be able to return to your suite in the way to relax, work or have fun. The medical and paramedical team are present on a permanent basis to mitigate any delays or unforeseen events, and to answer any questions you may have.

9.  At the end of the stay, the Doctor, will go over the results with you in detail and explain the report. This final and complete synthesis is given to you with the original files (imaging, functional tests, biology…) and, if necessary, some prescriptions, and recommendations. The doctor will also give you a digital support on which are engraved the radiological images. According to the results, the doctor can prescribe you additional examinations… They will be organized by ourselves.

10. Continuity of care and “after check-up” are really important for us : we can remain in contact with you, either by email or by phone, and a secure electronic system enables the future exchange of documents. At any time you can come back in consultation.

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Princess Grace Hospital is located on an exceptional site in the hills of the Principality, and is the only public hospital in the Principality of Monaco. It addresses health and social concerns and ensures patient safety and confidence by offering high-quality treatment, personalised care and hotel services.

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