Check-up Unit
Tailor-made check-ups

Tailor-made check-ups because each person is unique

Monaco Princess Grace Check-up Unit offers a tailor-made check-up. With a personalized study of your clinical characteristics.

Tailor-made check-ups, because for Monaco Princess Grace Check-up Unit, you are a unique person. We organize your check-up according to your aspirations, needs and unique personality. Our goal is to efficiently plan your stay and to give you a personalized diagnostic and therapeutic response. Before scheduling a check-up itinerary, you will be issued with a medical questionnaire and, when necessary, we will contact you or your general practitioner.

Our commitments, our values

  • Respect medical confidentiality as well as the confidentiality and discretion of appointments.
  •  Respect the cultural diversity, the dignity and the rights of each patient.
  •  Respect the ethics of medical practice.

Useful Info

Princess Grace Hospital is located on an exceptional site in the hills of the Principality, and is the only public hospital in the Principality of Monaco. It addresses health and social concerns and ensures patient safety and confidence by offering high-quality treatment, personalised care and hotel services.

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