Monaco Princess Grace
Reference and excellence

A Superb Prevention and Treatment Centre

The Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace offers a complete range of treatments on an international level thanks to its high-quality medical teams and its state-of-the-art technological equipment for numerous specialities. This excellence recently earned the centre a certification awarded with the highest possible grade, from the most distinguished health authorities*.

  • 21 medical specialities,
  • Expertise in the screening and detection of cardiovascular diseases, some cancers and pathologies related to your age and your way of life before the onset of symptoms in order to treat them as early as possible.
  • A multidisciplinary medical and surgical practice, with an accomplished anaesthesia and resuscitation department
  • Exceptional technical facilities:
    • MRI, diagnostic and interventional CT-Scan, ultra-sound, cardiovascular Doppler, scintigraphy, PET scan,
    • Digestive, bronchial and urological endoscopy
    • High standard cardiac electrophysiology (we are the only centre in the France-Monaco area equipped with an ultra-high definition cardio cartography system)
    • Da Vinci surgical robot
    • Eye tracking for assistance in the diagnosis of cognitive diseases (the only centre in the region to have this device)
    • High-tech biology laboratory
    • Respiratory functional explorations, cardio explorations, etc.
Your Privileged

Head of Service


Medical secretary
Francesca GAVELLI


Caring of you

Leslie CRUZ

Nursing assistant

Houdou ZEBA

Jennifer BOUCHE

Catering officier

*The French National Health Authority (Haute Autorité de Santé -HAS) « unreservedly and unbiasedly » awarded the Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace a certification, with  grade A (maximum grade attributable to a healthcare establishment). Even though this certification initiative is compulsory in France for all healthcare establishments, this is not the case in Monaco, and the Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace voluntarily requested the inspection, as it had done previously in 2007. This certification, using a highly demanding baseline V2014, demonstrates the high level of quality and safety of the medical care provided by our hospital.

Useful info

Princess Grace Hospital is located on an exceptional site in the hills of the Principality, and is the only public hospital in the Principality of Monaco. It addresses health and social concerns and ensures patient safety and confidence by offering high-quality treatment, personalised care and hotel services.

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