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How can we guarantee the protection of our most irreplaceable asset: our health?

How can we improve our wellbeing and our quality of life?

The health of each individual is subjected to risk factors which vary according to our age, habits and lifestyle. Furthermore, high-profile men and women suffer nowadays from the constraints and sources of stress associated with their responsibilities, which can, sometimes without them even being aware, have negative long-term consequences on their health. Over the course of our life, certain risk factors can lead to diseases that should be screened for as early as possible in order to treat them effectively.

The first purpose of a health check-up is prevention.

Such check-ups, the content of which is always personalised, allow us to take control of our health, by measuring the risk factors, and learning to manage them, or even eliminate them.

Upon the request of each patient or following a recommendation from their general practitioner, a check-up can be planned to study a specific aspect of the patient’s health, examining one area in particular, or with a combination of examinations.

This tailor-made, multidisciplinary package covers all stages of check-up and follow-up, with the help of a unique community of professionals, who have access to the best technical facilities, here on-site within the Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace.


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Francesca GAVELLI


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Leslie CRUZ

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Houdou ZEBA

Jennifer BOUCHE

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Princess Grace Hospital is located on an exceptional site in the hills of the Principality, and is the only public hospital in the Principality of Monaco. It addresses health and social concerns and ensures patient safety and confidence by offering high-quality treatment, personalised care and hotel services.

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