Medical check-up – new service of the Hospital of Princess Grace in Monaco

How often do you get a medical check-up? I do my check-up annually and the last three I did in Singapore. It is not as though I was eager to receive my check-up there, it is just that we travel with my family every year through Singapore on our way to Southeast Asia, and it is a very nice and friendly city for us, so I didn’t mind getting a medical check-up there. Moreover, Singapore has been recognised as the country with the most efficient healthcare system in the world. And I can say that’s true. Have you seen those huge skyscrapers in the centre of Singapore? More often they are medical services: institutions, hospitals, clinics, etc. There is only one problem – Singapore is too far! Not many people can afford to travel to Singapore just to get a check-up.

Nowadays most people go to Germany or to Italy to get medical examinations. Even more people simply neglect it and never get such exams. “I am in good health, so why should I care about some check-up?” – Many wonder. This is exactly the point. Only healthy people need a check-up; when you are ill, it is too late to check on your health, it is time to go to the doctor, take medicine and regret not having been able to prevent this illness. But you could have. That’s why I call on you and insist that every person get a medical check-up once per year. Especially now when you don’t have to go to Singapore or somewhere far away, today you can receive your check-up in Monaco.

Is it possible that a medical examination would be like a day spent in a 5-star hotel? Everything is possible in Monaco. So to prove that to you, we went to the new check-up unit in the Monaco Princess Grace Hospital, where today you can have a complete medical examination and clinical study.

Read this article on Hello Monaco (25 October 2016)